Individual with complete spinal cord injury regains voluntary motor function

Source:  University of Louisville
Summary:  A man with a complete spinal cord injury, who had lost motor function below the level of the injury, has regained the ability to move his legs voluntarily and stand six years after his injury.

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Chef with Disabilities Continues Career Using Stand-Up Wheelchair

  • Synopsis: Published: 2017-10-16 – Vocational Rehabilitation story of a man who was able to return to his career with the help of assistive technology. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Vocational Rehabilitation at Rehabworks.org.

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How I Got Medicare to Pay for My SmartDrive MX2

By | September 23rd, 2017

Imagine entering an ice cream parlor, ordering a large chocolate banana split, and receiving a giant steaming hot bowl of turtle soup instead. You’d likely be quite confused! When I tried to purchase an ultra-light wheelchair, with a SmartDrive MX-2, I had an equally odd experience. OK, so it wasn’t a bowl of turtle soup, but I knew what I ordered, and the vendor repeatedly tried to give me something else — like a full power chair

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Science News

Self-identifying as disabled

August 28, 2017
Oregon State University
Experiencing stigma, the severity of a disability and a person’s age and income level help determine whether someone with an impairment considers themselves to be a person with a disability, and experiencing stigma predicts whether those individuals will ultimately develop disability pride, new research shows.

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Adaptive Equipment

Do you love playing sports? All sports, including adaptive sports, require equipment in order to play. Fortunately, there has never been more adaptive equipment available! Today, with the proper adaptive equipment, dozens of sports are accessible to people with disabilities.
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Adaptive Fishing

Disabled Sports USA chapters, and organizations ready to teach you how.

By Land or By Water?
For people with limited mobility who want to head out onto the water, one of the first challenges is finding the appropriate vessel to go on. If a wheelchair-user is able to transfer to a boat, he or she can sit in a regular seat, with or without a lap belt for support. And many of the newer boats have fairly flat front decks that may help with the transition from pier to boat. Pontoon boats work well as the allow the use of the wheelchair while on the water. Getting a wheelchair onto a pontoon boat is quite easy. Most resorts, disabled fishing events, and professional guide services have pontoon boats available.

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Benefits of FES-Cycling

Posted by Myolyn Everybody needs to exercise to stay healthy. Most people know this. However, more than 60% of adults

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Finance Now Available on Mountain Trike All-terrain Products

From: Disability Information Published: 2017-03-26 – Contact: Mountain Trike Company at mountaintrike.co.uk Synopsis: Finance packages are now available for Mountain

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Man with quadriplegia employs injury bridging technologies to move again — just by thinking

First recipient of implanted brain-recording and muscle-stimulating systems reanimates limb that had been stilled for 8 years

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